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Forests for Monarchs
La Cruz Habitat Protection Project
P.O. Box 201633
Austin, TX 78720

Forests for Monarchs is administered by La Cruz’s Executive Director, Dr. Rebeca Quiñonez-Piñón, who is the main contact of the Organization.

Dr. Quiñonez-Piñón earned her Doctorate in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary Geomatics Department, in Alberta, Canada, where she majored in Environmental Engineering and minored in Forest Hydrology. Her scientific contributions are related to the topics of estimating hydrologic data error propagation, scaling actual evaporation and transpiration to large scales, and improving techniques to accurately measure actual transpiration, using field data, Geographical Information Systems and Remotely Sensed data. Boreal, Tropical and Temperate Forests have been part of her areas of study. In 2010 and 2011, Dr. Quiñonez-Piñón led a project funded by the Ecosystems Network (ECORed) of CONACYT, whose main topic was to initiate the creation of a National Environmental Monitoring System in Mexico. By 2011, CONACYT decided to support a larger effort to consolidate this project, and she was part of the evaluating Committee of such effort. Along her career, she has either led or participated in 14 research projects. Dr. Quiñonez-Piñón supervised two MSc Dissertations, up to six Bachelor’s Treatises, and served as a member of the CONACYT physics and mathematics scientific evaluation committee for two years. She has fifteen years of experience as a University Professor at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City, and about three years of consulting experience, primarily for Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). In 2013, she became the Executive Director of La Cruz Habitat Protection Project where she focuses most of her efforts on increasing the forest restoration rates in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve through the Forests for Monarchs program.

You may address questions or concerns related to each year’s reforestation efforts, how to volunteer, donate or be part of our Forests for Monarchs program.