Forests for Monarchs–2016

Follow us through our reforestation program 2016

This year of 2016, Forests for Monarchs together with our Mexican partner, La Cruz-Mexico, started distributing native tree seedlings at the end of the month of June.  Every year, we open the reforestation efforts with the help of the most enthusiastic and heartening volunteers: children from the elementary schools. Together with our long-term supporter, the elementary teacher Ms. Eva Gonzales, these little but courageous volunteers plant at least 20,000 of our native tree seedlings. 

What is this?

Transporting Tree Seedlings

Early in the morning, the trees are taken to the reforestation site.

A look at the site

Before reforesting it. José Alvarez --our Mexican partner, and Ms. Eva Gonzales

Hands on!

Elementary school kids are early birds, and they love to help restore the habitat in their birthplace

The environmentalists of the future

Our motto: Education is Reforestation. By creating awareness among young generations, we ensure that our mission will be carried on

Look for updates on our Reforestation program of 2016!