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We are grateful to those Organizations, Corporations and Individual donors who support our program, Forests for Monarchs.

Meshewa Farm Foundation


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Support from corporate and private partners will help to strengthen our Program Forests for Monarchs, and to sustain our goal of planting one million native trees within the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve every year.

La Cruz Habitat Protection Project destines a considerable portion of the contributions to the reforestation program, Forests for Monarchs. The structure of La Cruz allows it to operate with a low budget, and only a small portion of the annual budget is destined to administrative costs. La Cruz’s priority is to support the production, distribution and planting of native trees to protect the monarch butterfly overwintering habitat, and to restore the forest. For the last 10 years, La Cruz has been able to plant 2 trees for each donated dollar. Accountability and Transparency are core principles of the Forests for Monarchs team.

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