Monarch Protection

Forests for Monarchs is dedicated to protecting the monarch butterfly and other endemic species by reforesting the land surrounding the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

The mixed pine-oyamel forest, where the monarchs overwinter every year, is constantly threatened by the unsustainable logging –at large and small scales, by the commercial and agricultural activities around and inside the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

Among the environmental impacts caused by human activities in the mixed pine-oyamel forest are:

  • Fragmentation of habitat
  • Degraded, unproductive land
  • Eroded soils
  • Absence of water in creeks and rivers
  • Climate change

This amazing, iconic insect that travels thousands of miles every year, not only fights the lack of milkweed habitats along its Fall and Spring migration pathways, but also faces the challenges of overwintering in an already degraded environment.

At Forests for Monarchs, we understand that the conservation and restoration of the overwintering habitats –the mixed pine-oyamel forest—positively translates into the protection of the migratory monarch butterfly and other endemic species.

That explains our mission: Forests for Monarchs protects the monarch butterfly –and other endemic species—by reforesting the degraded lands of the overwintering habitats, and by promoting the preservation and sustainable management of the remaining healthy forest.