Educational Opportunities

Every year we partner with local elementary, middle and high schools for a variety of educational opportunities. Our educational programming includes day long field trips to planting sites where students get the chance to have a hands-on experiences as foresters.


We also partner with university students for forestry and pollinator research through visits to the La Cruz Habitat Tree Nursery in Michoacán, where our founder and tree-nurseryman, Jose Luis Alvarez, grows the native trees that we use to reforest. There, the students are immersed into the reforestation process; starting from selecting the right seeds to the production, delivery and planting of high quality native tree seedlings. The students have the opportunity to visit our reforested sites and they learn the importance of applying the right techniques to plant the seedlings to ensure that they will grow into healthy trees.

Are you a university student interested in visiting the nursery and/or sanctuaries? Contact our Executive Director, Megan Fulton at: