Volunteer in Mexico

Through our partnership with the tree nursery Vivero Forestal Hacienda La Cruz, you can now volunteer in Mexico. The tree nursery offers a hands-on volunteer program from July-September. Volunteers have the opportunity to stay at the nursery and help with the reforestation process. Please click the button below to learn more about this opportunity and if you are interested, please contact Megan Fulton, Executive Director at forestsformonarchs@gmail.com. Terms & Conditions; Términos y condiciones; Termes et conditions

Use a Forests for Monarchs Zoom Background

Virtual meetings appear to be the new normal for many of us. If you are looking for a background that will be sure to put a smile on at least one of your coworkers faces, then consider using one of our free backgrounds. When someone asks where the photo was taken you can chat about Forests for Monarchs and share why the work of the organization is important. As a small nonprofit this type of grassroots advocacy helps grow awareness of our mission and the importance of protecting monarchs and forests.

Become a Green Ally

Plant a pollinator garden

Whether you have fields or just a window box, you can plant a pollinator garden with nectar-producing flowers and plants that not only monarchs need, but all pollinators. Including plants like Cone Flowers, native milkweed and goldenrod can help attract monarchs.

It’s important that your seeds be non-GMO so check in with a local farm-stand or garden to see what they use. GMO seeds are often created to withstand pesticides and herbicides, but when pollinators feed from those plants, they ingest those chemicals which can often lead to the pollinator’s death. You should also avoid use of chemical sprays such as Round-Up in your garden for the same reason. But also, a lot of the “weeds” we’ve become accustom to are actually excellent sources of food for monarch butterflies and other pollinators

Invite us in for a presentation

We are happy to get involved with an organization, gardening group or school that is working to create a pollinator garden, or is looking for more information on the monarch and/or our reforestation efforts in Mexico.

Follow us on social media and join our newsletter list

We often share updates on the monarch butterfly population, our work in Mexico and gardening tips. You can also share our posts and invite your family and friends to follow us too!

Host a fundraiser

Planning an event and looking for an organization to donate the proceeds to? We’d be happy to supply your event with educational information and material. You can also host virtual fundraisers through Facebook.