Greater Good Charities

Make a donation to Forests for Monarchs through Greater Good Charities monarch butterfly initiative.

Great Nonprofits

Make a secure donation, and leave us a review through Great Nonprofits.

Matching Donations

Check with your employer – usually your human resources department for information about your company’s matching gift program.

FOR YOUR EMPLOYER: Organization Information

  • La Cruz Habitat Protection Project (doing business as Forests for Monarchs)
  • EIN: 20-8448752

Snail Mail

We still accept checks! Donations should be written to La Cruz Habitat Protection Project or Forests for Monarchs and mailed to PO Box 597 Dedham, MA 02027.

We check the post box every other month. If you are concerned about an outstanding donation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Donor Advised Funds

Make a tax-deductible donation to Forests for Monarchs. Speak with your financial advisor to learn more.

Retirement Plans, Life Insurance & Bequests

You can name Forests for Monarchs as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or unused retirement assets.

Bequests- A simple way to make a planned gift, these charitable contributions are left as bequests in a legal will. This can be a specific amount or percentage.

Gifts of Stock

Do you own appreciated stocks? Stock gifts present a great opportunity to support Forests for Monarchs because your gift is mutually beneficial – we receive the full value of the stock while you avoid paying capital gains tax.

Please contact our Executive Director with any questions at

Charitable Gift Annuities

A contract between you, the donor, and Forests for Monarchs, where in exchange for a gift of cash or securities Forests for Monarchs makes lifetime income payments to you, or a person you designate.

Charitable Remainder Trust

There are a few types or charitable remainder trusts, but in each, the remaining funds from the trust would go to Forests for Monarchs. This type of trust helps you permanently set aside funds to receive income for life.